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With marriage becoming a costly endeavor for many couples, it is not uncommon to hear about children being born to unmarried couples. While some unmarried couples immediately agree on parental responsibilities, others – usually the fathers – find it hard even to get involved in their child’s life because they do not have legal backing, unlike the mothers. Further issues arise if the father believes that the child the mother is claiming to be theirs is not truly theirs.

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Our Farmersville father’s rights lawyers at Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law can help you fight for your father’s rights and even deny it if you believe there is a reason to do so. We will look at your case closely and determine the best legal action to take to resolve it.

You can be certain that we will handle the case carefully and do our best to fight for a resolution that will be good for all, especially for the children who will be affected by the case.

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Importance of Establishing Paternity

Whether you are on speaking terms with your child’s mother or not, there are many benefits to establishing your paternity. As the recognized father, you will be able to become active in your child’s life and be involved in the decision-making for their upbringing.

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For the children, an established paternity will allow them to get support from both their parents. They will also be able to understand more about themselves, especially their medical history.

You can trust that our Farmersville , TX family law firm can discuss with you the pros and cons of establishing paternity and how it can be done. We can also answer your questions regarding these legal actions and make sure that the mother of your children recognizes the validity of your paternity claims.

Establishing Paternity in Texas

In Texas, the courts will use three ways to establish paternity: legal presumption, acknowledgment of paternity, and through court order.

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Legal Presumption

Under this clause, a man is considered as the presumed father if either one of these conditions are met:

  • He was married to the child’s mother when they were born
  • He was married to the mother during the 300 days before the child was born
  • He voluntarily claimed paternity after the child was born and saw them as their own
  • He lived with the child in the child’s first two years and represented the child to others

Acknowledgment and Denial of Paternity

If an unwed father wishes to establish paternity of their biological children with the mother, they can do so by signing the Acknowledgement of Paternity form. This form can be signed promptly after the child’s birth or submitted to the local birth registrar. The form must be executed in good faith, and if a genetic test has been conducted, the results must accompany the form. Any discrepancy that disproves the assumed fatherhood or denies the genuine identity of the acknowledged or adjudicated father will render the form invalid.

The law does allow the presumed father to rescind their acknowledgment before the form is validated and a court case regarding the child’s upbringing is filed by either parent. The presumed father may also file for a denial of paternity, which will trigger a court hearing that will review the application. For these scenarios, you can trust our experienced Farmersville father’s rights lawyers to assist you with the forms and get them acknowledged. Should the other party argue against your actions, we can immediately spring into action to resolve the issue.

Termination of Paternity

For cases where a father has concern over a child’s paternity, the law allows fathers to petition the termination of paternity based on mistaken paternity.

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When the petition is received by the court, the judge will look into the circumstances which led the father to question the paternity of a child. If it is proven that the child’s paternity is indeed mistaken, the court can terminate the “supposed” father’s parental rights and order for the right details to be presented in court.

Terminating paternity can be a lengthy process, especially if the mother of the child argues against it. The court will also request several documents and forms to be submitted to finalize the order. Let our assigned Farmersville father’s rights lawyers help you deal with these documents and even assist you in getting the process started in clearing who your child’s father truly is.

Divorced Father’s Rights

If you are a father undergoing divorce, your paternal rights and responsibilities will not be affected.

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Under the Texas Family Code, both parents are expected to stay active in their child’s life even if divorce takes place. The court will look into each parent’s capability to see what responsibilities and rights will be handed to them once the divorce takes place.

As the father, if you find yourself facing opposition from the mother of your child, you can let our Farmersville father’s rights lawyers know, and we’ll report the issue to the court. Our team will also work with you to prepare the evidence to support your case and present it before the judge.

Let’s Talk Today – Free Legal Consultation

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Taking parental responsibility is a serious decision you can make since it will change your life. However, if you are ready to take responsibility, there are legal avenues you can lean on to fight for your rights. There are also legal avenues you can avail if you wish to contest paternity claims that the other party must recognize if it is ruled in your favor.

With Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law as your legal team, you will be able to get the right legal advice and support for your paternity case, whether you wish to fight for your parental rights or contest paternity claims. We will explain the legal process for your situation as we prepare your case and help you keep up with the proceedings. We guarantee that we will do our best to fight for the ideal result for you and the children to abide by.

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