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In order for children to live a stress-free life and achieve their goals, parents will need to provide for their needs. From basic needs and healthcare to education, parents must be ready to provide both financial and emotional support at any given time. This responsibility must still be in their top priorities even if they end up divorcing or separating from one another.

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In Texas, such as in Wylie, courts must require both or either parent of a child to provide child support until the child is 18 or graduates from high school (whichever happens first), gets married, gets cured of their medical disability, or passes away. The court will check several factors to compute the child support for each child that both or one parent has to provide.

Davis and Associates Attorneys at Law is a highly-rated Wylie, TX family law firm that you can reach out to if you find yourself having issues with your child support case. You will be assigned to one of our compassionate and experienced Plano child support attorneys, who will guide you through the legal process and be your representative in court so that your child’s needs are met and protected.

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Child Support Calculation

Under Texas law, child support is computed based on various factors such as the child custody arrangement, the child’s needs, and the parent’s financial capability. The court can order either joint or sole child support, but most of the time, child support will come from the noncustodial parent or the “obligor” because they do not spend a lot of time with the child due to the custody arrangement.

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The amount the “obligor” pays varies, but it is usually a set percentage of their income and the number of children that are covered by the arrangement as cited by the Texas Child Support Guidelines. The guidelines are in place to make sure that a child’s needs are met even if the child is no longer in the obligor’s custody and the same home. It also ensures that the parent and child can have a strong connection despite their current arrangements.

Furthermore, the guidelines guarantee that child support is secured for the children. The set percentage is in place so that the obligor can still pay their other financial obligations even if they have to pay child support. If the obligor is unemployed, it doesn’t mean they can skip paying child support. If the children are living in different homes, child support orders are adjusted to help the obligor pay the right amount of child support.

Our assigned Wylie child support attorney for your case will make the computation easier to understand and abide by if you are the obligor. We can also help you appeal the amount if you believe that you cannot afford it or if it is not enough.

Child Support Enforcement

For parents who are receiving child support, any delayed or incomplete payments can detriment their capacity to provide for their child. There can be many reasons for this scenario, from the other parent facing job loss to them simply ignoring the court order.

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When this occurs, the parent may report the issue to the court and seek enforcement. The court will review the request and take the necessary action based on the violation committed by the other party, such as fines, jail time, license suspension, and more. The court can even ask the violating parent to pay at least part of the outstanding child support if they wish to apply for bail.

Our Wylie child support attorney can help you seek the court’s involvement in getting the child support order enforced. We will help you collect and present the evidence the court needs to act according to the penalties committed by the other parent. As the court enforces the order, we will make sure that the other parent does their duties based on the order.

If you are the parent assigned to pay child support and you have a valid reason for the delay or the incomplete support, you can still seek our assistance. We will negotiate with the other party to allow leeway for your delay or seek a lighter penalty.

Child Support Modification

As your child grows, the child support plan you may have established with your former spouse will need to change. Certain events, such as medical emergencies and school needs, can also call for child support modification. Fortunately, it is easy for parents to petition the court to adjust the child support order or through the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) Child Support Division.

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However, what makes it challenging for some parents to get a modification plan approved is proving the need to get the modification in the first place. The court or the OAG will use several factors to approve a modification request, from the current status of both parents to the needs of the children included in the plan.

Our Wylie child support attorney for your case can help you support your petition to modify the existing child support plan and negotiate for the appropriate amount that the other party can approve. You can also trust our Plano child support attorney to help you contest any modification petition or the amount proposed.

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No matter what reason you have for divorce, it doesn’t mean that you and your spouse should forget your responsibilities to provide for your children’s needs. You must have a clear child support plan in place, and all parties should abide by it.

If you are having trouble setting one up or one party is not adhering to the child support plan, you can speak to one of our Wylie child support attorneys at any time to help resolve the issue through the court. Our legal team will sit down with you to explain the legal actions we can take for your case and be your representative throughout the entire process. We promise to handle your case with care and fight for your child’s future.

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