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Josephine Child Custody Attorney

In divorce cases, the courts prioritize the well-being of any children involved. Their goal is to grant custody to the parent best suited to provide support, while also ensuring the other parent remains involved in their child’s life, even post-separation.

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Our Josephine child custody attorneys can explain to you how the court will handle your child custody case and make sure that you can create an arrangement that will not only work for you and your ex-spouse but also help your children get the support and love they need to grow. Whether you are just sorting out a child custody arrangement for your children or you want to get it modified or enforced, our legal team can immediately get to work in resolving the case before the court.

Clients don’t have to worry about their cases with us as their legal representatives. We know that each case is different, which is why we personalize our legal services to match what our clients need. While we cannot guarantee that the case will be ruled in your favor, we will do our best to make the legal process easier to understand, and the result will be good for all parties, especially your children.

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Child Custody in Texas

In Texas, the legal framework governing the care of children is referred to as “conservatorship,” wherein the designated “conservator” or parent holds both the physical and legal rights concerning their children. This responsibility encompasses decisions regarding residence, education, medical care, and other pertinent aspects of their upbringing.

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The state law outlines two primary forms of conservatorship: joint and sole. Joint conservatorship grants both parents equal authority in determining the child’s upbringing and ensures equitable access to the child. Conversely, sole conservatorship designates exclusive decision-making rights and physical custody to one parent.

In cases where joint conservatorship is mandated, the court may adjust the rights and responsibilities of each parent as deemed necessary. Notably, concerning “access and possession,” the parent without physical custody, termed the “possessory conservator,” is entitled to visitation rights. These rights necessitate the ability to provide suitable care during visitation, and the court typically issues a standard possession order or visitation plan to facilitate scheduling.

Our Josephine child custody attorney can walk you through the conservatorship process and see what arrangements can be made to suit everyone, especially your children. We can also help you negotiate the plan so that the court can approve the final arrangement.

Determining Child Custody

In Texas, the rights of children to maintain contact with both parents are highly valued due to their pivotal role in guiding a child’s development. Consequently, courts typically favor joint managing conservatorship in most custody disputes unless substantial evidence suggests it would not serve the child’s best interests or that one or both parents are unsuitable for such responsibility.

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Courts carefully assess family dynamics and parental backgrounds in custody determinations. Factors include parent-child interactions, household responsibilities, parental conduct, financial stability, and overall preparedness. Additionally, if the child is of sufficient maturity, their preferences may also be considered.

While we cannot guarantee a specific custody arrangement, our Josephine, TX family law firm is dedicated to advocating for your interests and securing your child’s future. We collaborate closely with both parties to establish a mutually agreeable custody arrangement that prioritizes your child’s well-being.

Custody Modification and Enforcement

After a custody order or conservatorship plan is approved by the court, several factors or events may influence its effectiveness and cause either party to request a custody modification. They must file an appeal to the court that handled the custody case so they can review the request and make the necessary changes. However, the court will require proof that it will greatly influence the arrangement or that the child’s needs have shifted immensely since the custody was established.

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Our Josephine child custody attorney for your case will review the situation for you before we explain what legal action can be taken to request modification. We can also explain to you how the appeal process works so that you can make the necessary changes to our legal strategy as it proceeds. You can also trust us to help you create a new child custody arrangement with the other party, which will match your current situation and provide for your child’s needs.

Meanwhile, you can also trust our Josephine child custody attorney to help you during times when the other party does not cooperate and respect the custody order. We can raise the issue to the court and seek their involvement to get the order enforced. You can trust us to fight for the custody order because it is crucial to your child’s future, and ask the court to penalize the violating parent.

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Child custody is an integral part of any divorce case, and as parents, you need to make sure that your children do not feel the full brunt of the case and give them a normal life as much as possible, even if they will be in the custody of one parent. You should also protect your familial ties with them despite this new arrangement, whether you are the one with the physical custody or not.

With our Josephine, TX, family law firm supporting you in this tough legal ordeal, you know you have a staunch ally who will help you understand how the law will play a role in the arrangement and fight for your right to see or have custody of your children. Our lawyers will also help you modify the existing child custody arrangement or get it enforced if necessary. Don’t hesitate to ring us up at our office, and we will sit down with you to secure your child’s future.

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